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How to put beads in hair

Thanks for stopping by.  This article is to explain how to put hair beads in your hair.  Hair beads can be a fun and easy way to add color to your hairstyle.  Here we will show you step by stop how it is done.  

Hair Beading tool

First you will need a hair beader.  Most beads you will purchase from will come with a free beader but you might want to purchase a larger one from us.

Heart shaped hair beads Next you will need some hair beads.  We selected some heart hair beads.  These in particular have large holes for larger  twists.
hair beader with beads Place your hair beads on the hair beader.  We like to fill the hair beader with beads and pull off just a few at a time for beading the hair.
Step 1 - hair beader Next pull some hair through the loop on the beader. 
Step 2 - hair beader Slide some beads over the end of the hair.
Step 3 - hair beader Push the beads completely over the end of the hair.
Step 4 - hair beader Remove the beader, and now you have some beads added to the end of the hair.
Step 5 - Hair beader Now it is time to secure the beads to the hair.  There are two different ways to do this. The first is to fold some hair over the back of the bead like we have done here and secure it with an elastic. The second is to secure the ends of the beads with a hair snap.  We like both methods.
Heart shaped hair beads on braids When complete you could let all the beads hang down or pull them up in a pony tail like we have done here.  Everything you need to bead hair can all be found at!