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Protect hair with satin sleep caps, bonnets, and wraps


Why use satin sleep caps, bonnets, wraps, or durags?

Don’t you wish there was a way your child could wake up in the morning and have perfect hair?  What if when they woke up their hair had no kinks, no tangles, no dryness and the style still looked great! Satin sleep caps, bonnets, wraps and durags could be the answer you are looking for to help achieve this.

When your child sleep on a cotton pillowcase with their hair uncovered, they end up rubbing their hair against that pillowcase all throughout the night.  This can create dryness, and damage to their hair.  That is why wearing a satin cap is so important. It protects their hair from harsh contact with their pillowcases and sheets allowing their head to easily slide without their hair being snagged, pulled, and ripped throughout the night.

Three Reason why satin sleep caps will help protect your child’s hair.

1. Healthier, hydrated hair

When your child sleeps on a cotton pillowcase their hair will become progressively dryer.  A cotton pillowcase will literally drain the hair of moisture like a paper towel soaks up water. 

Sleeping with a satin cap, bonnet or wrap will protect your child’s hair from drying out because satin will help keep their hair hydrated.  It will help protect it from moisture absorbing materials like cotton.

2.Reduce Breakage

When using a cotton pillowcase your child’s hair is not going to slide smoothly over its surface as they move around during the night.  Their hair is going to snag and grab on a cotton pillowcase and that leads to broken and damaged strands.

Sleeping with a satin cap means no more broken and damaged hairs.  When your child’s hair is wrapped in satin it will glide smoothly over the surface of the pillow.  Creating very little friction to damage the hair.

3. Better Looking Hair

If you spent a lot of time on a hair style, wouldn’t you like to see it last?  If your child has curly or wavy hair, you know that sleep can cause their hair to not look as good the next day. 

Protecting your child’s hair with satin helps keep the curls’ shape and style without causing kinks and bumps. It also keeps their hair from getting frizzy and poofy.  That means less time spent re-doing their hair styles!


With all these benefits of satin hair wraps, caps, and bonnets, why wouldn’t you give one a try. Stop by and check out our sleeps caps at!  It is a very inexpensive way to protect your child’s hair as well as reducing the time to restyle it.


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